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IMDB Flooded With Shitty Fan Films

Is IMDB just being flooded with spam movie titles?


Edited: 2018-01-28 06:37

If you look up certain movie titles, such as Nightmare on Elm Street, on IMDB, then it has become really difficult to tell which titles are actually the real movies. I do not know how the listing of movies on IMDB works, but apparently they have started to list everything, regardless of quality.

People who make fan movies must realize, what they are making is not worth listing on IMDB. When I look up movies, I expect to find real actual movies, and not some low-level fan production.

I do not necessarily have anything against fan made movies, but they have to be of similar quality as the official, (which is entirely possible with today's access to cameras, and editing software). The main obstacle with real movies is that you have to pay people. That should not be a problem for fan made movies. You basically just have to practice until you get it right (acting, editing, special effects).

A way to filter fan films would be very useful.

Currently, the only way to avoid the junk, seems to be by searching for the exact movie title. Even then, it is sometimes still flooded with badly produced TV versions of movies, behind the scenes, and stuff that is just not very interesting when you are looking for a list of the actual movies. I used to simply click the character name, to get a list of things the character appears in. Apparently, this sometimes gives a lot of junk results.

For lists of movies or TV episodes, Wikipedia may sometimes be easier than using IMDB.

The problem occurs when clicking a character name to bring up a list of movies. Doing this also brings up all the fan made crap. At least in the case of good old Freddy Krueger. Maybe some of it is information contributed by spammy users?

Edit January 2018: It no longer seem to be possible to search by character. Now you just get a useless page containing photos and quotes when clicking on a character.


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