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Completed/Done - BE03F0A5AC394DD1BD581388AEC4070F

The ID number for the completed/done order state in Shopware.


By. Jacob

Edited: 2022-11-16 09:48

The Shopware state ID: be03f0a5ac394dd1bd581388aec4070f corresponds with the Done or Completed state of an order.

You can see this by running the following database query:

select hex(language_id), hex(state_machine_state_id), name from state_machine_state_translation WHERE hex(state_machine_state_id) = 'be03f0a5ac394dd1bd581388aec4070f';

The 2fbb5fe2e29a4d70aa5854ce7ce3e20b language ID is default for English, and ca37b06a5e2d425f926613711da805e3 is default for Deutsch. Note. You may also see other language IDs if you have other languages installed.

Different translations are stored in the *_translation tables of the database, and in this case, the human-readable translation of the various states are stored in the state_machine_state_translation table.

Also note, the technical_name used by the system is always in English. You can get a list of all the technical names by running this query:

select distinct technical_name from state_machine_state;


| technical_name     |
| authorized         |
| cancelled          |
| chargeback         |
| completed          |
| failed             |
| in_progress        |
| open               |
| paid               |
| paid_partially     |
| pending            |
| refunded           |
| refunded_partially |
| reminded           |
| returned           |
| returned_partially |
| shipped            |
| shipped_partially  |
| unconfirmed        |

You may be investigating an error like:

Illegal transition "completed" from state "be03f0a5ac394dd1bd581388aec4070f". Possible transitions are: reopen [] []

Unfortunately, it is still unknown to me what causes the error; perhaps this simply happens when an order is already in canceled or completed state and something tries to change the state via the API?

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