Beamtic is a website and blog started by Jacob Kristensen with a focus on web development and other technical things.


By. Jacob

Edited: 2024-01-14 16:21

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Beamtic was launched in 2016 by me, Jacob Kristensen, a web developer from Denmark with a degree in Multimediadesign, and more than 15 years experience. You can connect with me on LinkedIn here.

Beamtic is built using vanilla PHP, JavaScript, and runs on open source software. I now run the site more or less as a personal blog, but with a fairly comprehensive list of tutorials. It seems quality information is increasingly less relevant with the advance of AI chat robots, and as such I have shifted my focus more towards just maintaining the site as a personal blog instead of a tutorial site.

The site's focus is online self-learning tutorials and short how-to's on technical subjects, mostly focusing on web development, computers, and hardware.


Currently you can contact Jacob via e-mail. The main language is English and Danish.

WARNING: Do NOT send me e-mail about:

  1. Wanting to help manage Beamtic's Instagram or other social media
  2. Guestblogging
  3. Writing articles for Beamtic
  4. Linkbuilding (Are you a spammer?)
  5. Wanting to sell something – I ignore all unsolicited marketing e-mails.

If you do it anyway I will personally block you on the server-level. You have now been warned.

beamticsupport [That a character] beamtic.com

Phone: +45 31662049

Beamtic is operated from Denmark, on the Internet, and has no official address or physical location you can visit.

Please do not abuse these contact information to try and sell me things I do not need. I already receive an inhumane amount of spam, and have no intention of buying anything anyway, so you will just be wasting both of our cognitive energy..

About Jacob

Jacob Kristensen

Jacob is the owner and creator of Beamtic, as well as the author of most the articles found on the website.

Jacob has a degree in Multimedia design and communication from KEA (Copenhagen School of Design and Technology), and he currently works as a full-time web developer.

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