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Read more about the mission and history of Beamtic

Edited: 2017-02-11 15:21

Beamtic logo in black and white

Beamtic's mission is to inspire, educate, and motivate. The aim is to do this through creative videos, info-graphics, and articles on our website and our social media pages.

The primary focus is technical tutorials on hardware and software, as well as programming and video editing. The secondary focus is entertainment such as music creation, movies and gaming.

But future material will largely depend on the interest of our contributors.

Beamtic was founded in 2016 by Jacob Kristensen, a web developer currently based in Denmark.

YouTube video tutorials

On Beamtic's YouTube channel you will be able to find tutorials on various subjects, and for different programs. Some of these include:

  • Ubuntu
  • Drupal
  • Paint.NET
  • Gimp
  • Vegas Pro

The style of the videos is usually short no-talk videos, showing how to do specific things with different software. All videos will be uploaded in HD quality or better. Videos are currently recorded with OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), which is free and open source. You can get it from:

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