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Read more about the mission and history of Beamtic

Edited: 2017-09-08 15:19

By. Jacob

Beamtic logo in black and white

Beamtic was created in 2016 by Jacob Kristensen, a web developer from Copenhagen, Denmark.

At Beamtic we work with innovation, development, design, and technology. It is not just me, Jacob, but everyone visiting the Beamtic website, and especially those contributing to projects.

When I first created this site, I had no clear idea about which direction it would go. In the beginning, I was writing short tutorials in HTML, CSS and PHP (among other things), but I did not have any clear goals. I do now.

Today, I focus a lot on innovation, and learning new things. I do this by building things from the ground up, when I find it necessary and beneficial to do so. But Beamtic also relies heavily on open source software, and without, this site would not have been possible. In the future, I would like to also contribute to the development of open source. Be it either my own project, or something that already exists and just needs some improving.


Beamtic's mission statement is to:

  1. Inspire
  2. Educate
  3. Motivate
  4. Innovate

I believe technology is the most important tool in modern society, and new advances in technology can be achieved through focusing consciously on innovation by solving problems and improving existing software. Some of the greatest advances happened by accident, now imagine what we can accomplish, if we actively pursue new inventions. Let us not leave things to chance when we have the opportunity, to change things now!

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