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2023-12-12 20:14
>>You can also have the certbot application itself delete those 0001 certificates, including >>all relevant directories, like this:

>>certbot delete --cert-name

>>This is faster and feels safer to me than manually deleting directories managed by certbot.

T H I S. Thanks alot kind sir.
2023-11-18 17:49
@Anonymous I can confirm that it works. I use it on my own Postfix server, and have successfully blocked numerous of spammers by using this method. However, you may need to enable the pcre extension and use regular expressions to block certain things. The article is now updated to better reflect this.
2023-09-20 08:09
I have this in my .htaccess to block countries

MaxMindDBEnable On
MaxMindDBFile DB /usr/local/share/GeoIP/GeoIP2-Country.mmdb
MaxMindDBEnv MM_COUNTRY_CODE DB/country/iso_code

SetEnvIf MM_COUNTRY_CODE ^(RU|DE|FR) BlockCountry
Deny from env=BlockCountry

That works well......

But how to allow only one country ?

Allow from eny=BlockCountry
but nogo yet....

Michael Petrovich: Nested Functions in PHP
2023-06-02 02:57
Within a function, you can define a variable to be a function. Variables are local.

function MyFunction($y)
$mysubfunction = function($x)
return $x + 10;

$y = $mysubfunction($y);
echo $y;

2023-04-15 17:23
I have a GUI application that needs to handle more advanced events from the keyboard, so using <linux/input.h> is best, but this requires root access, on cases like this what is the recommended approach? the GUI app is continuously listening to the keyboard events, so it's not a one-time operation like a file edit, how can this be approached?
2023-03-03 17:58
Thanks a lot! But one question - how to compile administration-js on production? When I make changes on production in this file - this error message appears again.
For developer-version it works after ./psh.phar administration:build but production-version doesn't have psh.phar.
2023-02-20 13:50
I tried ccd2iso on a bin/cue set and it created a 49MB iso file and 22 .cdr files which I am assuming are supposed to be tracks?

I must be missing data somewhere...
2022-12-27 12:32
Thanks Jacob. I bought a Rapoo mouse MT750s and noticed the scroll is unreliable. First I messed a lot with the mouse settings. No change.
I noticed it does the same on an Android tablet (I bought this model because it offers USB + BT connectivity) so clearly not software related.
I wanted to return it as it's in warranty but 1. somehow I managed to lose the box and the warranty papers 2. knowing the store policies, their answer after 2 weeks would have been "look, it works, what do you want" in a polite matter.
I used your method. It worked! trial and error though and it's not 100% perfect but I don't want to try today anymore. For the moment sometimes the middle click is not registered and the wheel gets stuck. Need to find the correct size for the paper. It has 6 screws, 4 of them under the mouse feet - that do not glue back properly after removing/reattaching.
Bad product for it's price (45 dollars). I wanted another mouse with an internal battery and the BT + USB connection plus the horizontal wheel were tempting. I will avoid this manufacturer for the future.
2022-11-24 01:50
Well, it's kinda make sense. As far as I know on a hardware level there is no balance, but separate volumes for left and right channels. So to change volume you need appropriately change volume of both channels.

This is speculation (I have no experience in sound drivers whatsoever), but maybe some interrupts are missed or intentionally skipped from one channel if CPU is under load or something like that.

Back in the day there were similar reports describing problem with Windows 7 ( Only left channel was changing when changing volume with volume up/down buttons.
2022-11-05 19:22
Thank you for writing this and thank you to Martin for commenting where the change needed to be if using Lets Encrypt (which I am). I have been working relentlessly on this for hours, and, once I came across this post, problem solved!
Thanks again!
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