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Privacy policy

Beamtics privacy policy as required by various laws and agreements.

Edited: 2017-01-08 12:20

This is the privacy policy of sites in the Beamtic network, currently consisting only of Beamtic itself.

Beamtic will collect various available data when a user visits a site. This data is only used for logging purposes, which may help debug potential errors on the site. Logs are often deleted entirely. Currently they are not deleted on a consistent basis, but generally whenever the Content Management System is updated, logs will also be deleted.

The data collected by Beamtic is typically limited to logging of client requests and corresponding server responses, but may also include data that users provide themselves when signing up.


Cookies are used by Beamtic to remember users that are logged in, and for specific features that depend on them to function. One of these features is the cookie consent message, which uses a cookie to remember the users choice.

No personal information is stored in cookies on Beamtic, and login information has been securely hashed, so that this information is not useful to anyone.

Certain modules may also use cookies, these are covered in their own sections of the privacy policy, some of these may include information on how to opt out.

Registered users

When a user signs up on Beamtic certain information is required to handle their membership, this includes some means of contacting the user, such as an e-mail address or a phone number. The information is currently only used doing the activation process, and for users own account interactions.


Partners of Beamtic may collect the same available data as Beamtic, that is, what is typically revealed by web clients, as well as the users Ip address. Partners might use this data for purposes not known to Beamtic, and we have no control over what the data might be used for.

A common use of collected data, is to anonymously track users, to help deliver more targeted ads, and improve user experience of websites.

Google Adsense

Beamtic uses Google Adsense to deliver ads, and Google may use cookies and web beacons to collect relevant data, and display targeted ads. If users do not wish these ads shown, they may install an ad blocker to block advertisements from loading. Beamtic may choose to show alternative ads and messages, or block users who are using ad blockers, to avoid loosing to much revenue.

The Information Collected may include the below:

  1. Operating system / Browser
  2. Ip Address and ISP
  3. Country
  4. Referrer
  5. In some cases, whether you have Flash installed.

Google uses the DoubleClick cookie enable ad delivering from it and it's partners. You can read more about advertisements from Google Adsense at advertising opt-out page / more information, and control your advertisement preferences on the ad settings page.

A more effective way to block advertisements would be to install an ad blocker on your device.

Google analytics

Beamtic currently uses Google Analytics for statistic purposes. When the statistics is not needed, the Google Analytics code will be disabled on the site, which generally helps speed up the sites load time.