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5 tips on success online

These 5 tips might help you become more effective and successful online.


Edited: 2018-07-11 02:18

Buzz Aldrin and the U.S. flag on the Moon

Being successful does not necessarily have to be hard. Thanks to modern inventions such as computers, smartphones, the internet – and even different software tools – it has generally become easier to be successful. We live in a time where less often is more.

Success is often a matter of reaching enough people – particularly online – and with modern inventions such as the computer and the internet, it has never been easier.

Consider these 5 points to help you create a larger online footprint:

  1. Use social media actively and aggressively
  2. Update your website frequently
  3. Try to stand out
  4. Create a e-mail newsletter
  5. Carefully consider how the above should be used, and stick with whatever works best

1: Use social media actively and aggressively

As a rule of thumb, you should at least update your social media profiles more often than you create new content for your website. You do not have to follow this too strictly, as it will mostly depend on how many followers you got, and how many likes and re-shares your posts are attracting.

The number of likes and re-shares on your updates are typically a good indicator of how good you have been at posting interesting material. If for some reason you don't get any engagement or traffic as a result of the things you are posting, try brainstorming new social media tactics. Images and videos tend to get more engagement than pure text posts.

One example of how you could be more aggressive on social media, would be to post highly emotional stuff, such as humor or inspirational and motivational stuff that fits within your page topic. Even if this is not possible, or won't fit very well within your topic, you can still post a few irrelevant things, and get away with it – typically it will just make your site seem more "human".

Sign up to popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. These sites can be used to create a larger brand, and to draw visitors to your website. Just keep in mind that the goal isn't only to draw visitors to your website, but also to create a presence on these sites.

2: Update your website frequently

A website that is updated frequently shows that your brand is still alive and active.

Do not just focus on news and press releases! Try to actually be creative about your content. Even if you are a company aimed towards professionals or other companies, it could still be a good strategy to create some content aimed at individuals.

When posting new content on your website, it may be a good idea to go that extra mile about it. Create a unique and appealing image to represent it or take a fresh photo. Do the necessary research, and don't be afraid to link to your sources – they will only appreciate it, and your site will be noticed as a result.

3: Try to stand out

Even in the most competitive areas, there is still room to stand out. One way to do that is to use social media, which we already talked about. Another is to use your creativity, in videos, images, and music. Even a construction company could benefit from owning the most beautiful website in the business – obviously it will not make much of a difference if you do not have resources in other areas too – but combined, it can make you perfect.

4: Create a e-mail newsletter

A newsletter can still be highly effective at reaching people. Typically what you post on social media will not reach all of your followers, or all of the people who are interested in your brand. It doesn't really matter if you decide that it is to old fashioned, but you can look at it as another tool in your toolbox.

Beware that some hosting companies has a very low limit on how many e-mails you can send, which can create problems if your e-mail list is very large. Dedicated newsletter services might help you overcome this, but you it shouldn't be necessary if you choose the right host.

5: Carefully consider how the above should be used

You should develop a clear idea of how you want to use the tools that you have, and then you should stick with it – at least until you get a better idea! If you don't have a plan as of how to use social media, chances are that your updates will become inconsistent and low quality.

Good social media updates can easily take as much time as a short article on your website. Don't loose your patience. Be creative about what you do, an enjoy your finished work when it is done, when it starts getting likes and re-shared. Enjoy those pixels, and enjoy those numbers!