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How to Block Inappropriate Ads in Adsense

How to block certain ads in Adsense.


Edited: 2017-04-02 15:22

Fraudulent dating ads are a huge problem for Adsense publishers. It is, however, easy to block ads in our Adsense account. Blocking ads individually might not seem as a good solution, but since most the offending ads are coming from a few Adwords accounts, it will actually not be so hard to block them.

Dating sites is a good example. Typically the companies behind dating-sites use deceptive techniques to lure people to pay for a membership. They are taking advantage of vulnerable, single people, who does not notice the deception. In short. Some of them even send out automated spam messages, and contact people on behalf of other members, without them knowing.

There are many reasons not to join these sites from a users perspective. For publishers using Adsense, the problem is that the ads are highly inappropriate, and sometimes lead to downright scam sites. They will often show women in low-cut dresses, and other inappropriate photos.

This has been a problem for years, and Google does not seem to take it seriously. While the women are not nude in the traditional sense, there is a very clear and obvious motivation behind these ads, and showing of breasts should simply not be tolerated by reputable ad networks.

Blocking ads in Adsense

Some users have reported that they are able to block dating ads as a general category, but this option is apparently not available for everyone, possible due to our different locations.

Personally, I only want to block the inappropriate ones. If I discover such ads, I will simply block the Adwords accounts associated with them. This is based on the logic that if someone is showing ads for a fraudulent website, they will likely also show other spammy ads.

Blocking an ad can be done in the Allow & block ads section of your Adsense account.

Allow & block ads in Adsense

Click on the Ads (Ad review center) and block individual offending ads. You can also block the associated Adwords account, which will block all future ads from the account. This will, however, also block those ads that might not be anything wrong with.