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Policy on False Information

How Beamtic deals with false information found in our content.


Edited: 2020-06-27 08:42

In today's environment of false information, I believe it is important to have an official policy on how a website deals with inaccurate information that is published on their own sites.

Often people do not publish inaccurate information on purpose; this is important to understand when calling it out.

Beamtic is currently maintained by me (Jacob) in my free-time, and occasionally—like with many other websites maintained by humans—incorrect information might be found in the content.

If I discover this, either on my own, or because someone points it out to me, I will try to update the content as fast as possible. With content posted on social media platforms, such as YouTube videos, I might choose to add some text to the video with corrections; or if the platform allows it, edit the video directly on their platform. Likewise, if the platform allows editing test-content (text based posts), making corrections is probably going to be easy.

Most of my content is made available directly on the beamtic websites; if you find incorrect information in any of my articles, please help to improve them by commenting.