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cURL GET Request

Performing HTTP GET requests using cURL from the command line.


Edited: 2022-09-29 11:36

curl -X GET



A HTTP GET request is sent whenever a client, such as a web browser, is attempting to load a resource on the internet.

A resource can basically be anything that can be loaded. E.g:

  • A HTML web page. Note: web pages do not necessarily end in .html.
  • Web- scripts, styles, and fonts. E.g. .css, .js, .woff. Etc.
  • Images. E.g. .png, .webp, .avif. Etc.
  • Video files. E.g. .mp4 .mov, .mkv. Etc.
  • Document files. E.g. .pdf, .doc, .txt. Etc.

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