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MX Master 3 For Mac, but, it also works in Linux & Win

I got an MX Master 3 For my MacBook Pro, but I was very surprised to find it also works for Linux and Windows.


By. Jacob

Edited: 2022-04-02 18:32

MX Master 3 for MAC, but it also works for PC.

If you are wondering whether MX MASTER 3 for Mac works in Linux, I can happily inform you that it does.

I did not expect it to work, so I did not try it out, probably for the first month or so; but, one day, when I had to use my old Linux Laptop, I figured it should work since it was basically just using Bluetooth, and to my surprise it does.

At first I could not get it to show up in the Bluetooth devices when searching for it, but then I just pushed the button on the bottom of the mouse a few times, and suddenly it showed up.

There has been some reports of scrolling behaving weirdly, but this has not been a problem for me so far. Everything seems to work fine.

The cool thing about this mouse is that it uses Bluetooth, and it seem to hold power for a fair amount of time before needing to be recharged. I am not entirely sure if the power level is reported correctly on either Mac or PC, but that does not matter super much to me. On Linux it seem to show 100% battery, although I know it should likely be lower then that.

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