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Check The Version of Pygments Installed on The System

How to find out what version of Pygments Syntax Highlighter you got installed.


Edited: 2020-05-03 12:49

I recently updated Ubuntu to the latest 20.04 release on Beamtic, and at some point I was unsure about which version of Pygments, the Syntax Highlighter, that I had installed on the system.

Since Pygments/Pygmentize had no manual page, I quickly turned to Google to find out how to check the version number, without any luck. Then I realized I could just list the installed pip packages to see the version:

pip3 list | grep 'Pygments'


Pygments               2.6.1

This outputs the version of the specific package. Thanks to grep :-)

Just leaving this here in case others need it.

In the above example, I am "piping" the output of the pip3 list command to the grep command.

Note. You may need to write pip list on your system, since it seems it depends on the version of Python you got installed. I am using pip3 since it refers to Python3.