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Spam comments about Russia's invasion of Ukraine

A place to display all the shitty comments we get, that somehow makes it past our spam defence.


By. Jacob

Edited: 2022-12-17 00:23

I have received several responses to my popup about Russia's terror attacks on Ukrainian soil – and yes, I did write "terror attacks", because that is obviously what they amount to. Even as I write this, Russia is inexcusably bombing and murdering people in Ukraine.

The Russian government has repeatedly lied about the war to their own population. This is just the facts. I think as members of the free internet we ought to help expose and fight these falsehoods, because they are very dangerous.

This is not a political issue for me, it is simply a question of right vs wrong, truth vs falsehoodsgood vs evil. In this case, the falsehoods are used to cover up Russia's numerous murders on people in Ukraine.

How can I be so sure Russia is evil? Again, this is pretty much a no-brainer; even as I write this they are bombing and killing people in civilian areas, and we must also remember the Russian type of government has a long and proven history of lying and suppressing their own population, saying stupid things, even calling Ukrainians Nazis and Satan worshippers – the kind of silly claims that no sensible person can take seriously.

Of course, those that support Russia fail to understand the danger they are placing innocent russians in by doing so. Nobody can feel safe in Russian society, because there is no legal certainty, and indeed, the Russian legal machinery (or the lack thereof) will just make up false claims about political opponents in order to keep them censored and locked up. In some cases they even kill critics. So, who do you think can feel safe in such a profoundly corrupt society? Obviously nobody. The corruption has infected the very top.

Irrelevant spam comments

The popup message is evidently working, since it has caused some to post irrelevant spam relating to it in places where it does not belong.

The comment section on Beamtic is intended to be used in an elaborative way, and if a comment does not add value to the specific article, it will just be deleted.

Most spam is automatically blocked without anyone ever reading it. Nevertheless I still think it would be interesting to dedicate a place of ridicule, to show the absolute depravity expressed in some of those comments. And, once more, everything you post relating to the popup or Russia's terrorist activities probably will not even be read.

Still, it is quite amazing that anyone intelligent enough to have an interest in programming could still be deceived by simplistic Russian propaganda.

Note. Names are obviously unverified and probably fake in many cases.

🤮 martin pastrana wrote:

hey, kid!,you should remove the ukraine issue, this war is not russian, it is american. The US inviting ukraine to join NATO is the same as the russian federation inviting mexico to join them, and then putting its weapons on New York. Now ukraine is in debt for years to pay for the american weapons, the military EEUU contractors had a party!. Im sorry for the suffering of the ukrainian people, but the bill for damages should go to washington, not to moscow. Ahh, your notes on php objects are excellent!, jeje Cheers!!!

💡 Um.. No. Russia started the war citing false and disproven conspiracy theories, falsely claiming Ukrainians to be Nazis and Satanists.

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