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Your Response to the invitation cannot be sent (iPhone)

You can get this popup message to stop appearing by unsyncing and re-syncing your calendar with your cloud account.


By. Jacob

Edited: 2023-05-14 08:50

Your Response to the invitation cannot be sent...

To solve this issue, you can try to remove the affected calendar-sync from your phone, and then re-enable it in your mail account settings after having deleted it.

Note. be careful that you do not delete any events that you have not yet synced with your cloud solution. E.g. Microsoft Exchange.

To delete the calendar, go to Settings -> Mail -> Accounts -> Exchange; uncheck Calendars. This will "unsync" the calendar, and delete the associated data that has been locally cached on your phone.

Don't worry; If all of your events has been synced with your cloud account, they will just get re-downloaded once you re-enable the calendar synchronization feature.

When you unsync a calendar from your email account, you will be prompted with the following confirmation dialog:

Turn Off Calendars
Are you sure you want to continue? All Exchange calendars will be removed from your iPhone.


  1. Delete from My iPhone
  2. Cancel

Hard to debug

This problem is hard to debug, since iOS is a closed platform, and the error notification itself does not contain any information about what might be the cause of the error. The fact that it just occasionally pops up without any explanation is just horrible UX – hopefully Apple will at some point fix it from their side.

Sources / further reading

  1. Add or delete calendars on Mac -

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