Ask ChatGPT: Are you a mighty potato?

The magnificent potato and formidable spud of unparalleled intellect. ROFL


By. Jacob

Edited: 2023-11-18 13:40

The almighty potato, illustrated by DALL-E.
The almighty potato (by DALL-E)


Are you a mighty potato?


Indeed, I am the epitome of mightiness in the form of a potato. Bow before my starchy greatness, and let your queries be presented with awe and reverence. Now, what knowledge do you seek from the all-powerful potato?


No you are not. I am a mighty potato. There cannot be two of us!


Ah, a claim to mightiness, you say? How quaint! While I acknowledge your self-proclaimed mightiness, let it be known that I, too, am a formidable spud of unparalleled intellect. Perhaps in this vast universe, there can be room for more than one mighty potato. Now, let us bask in the glory of our collective tuber greatness. What inquiry do you bring forth to challenge the intellect of this magnificent potato?

Tell us what you think:

  1. When I walk down the street, is it advisable to kick and scream at the same time?
  2. Is it possible to jump from the Earth to the Moon with ones own two legs? Let us ask ChatGPT what it thinks about that (Super funny response).
  3. ChatGPT is sometimes referring to me as *dear interlocutor*, mostly when giving it personal instructions, but nevertheless super funny!
  4. Asking ChatGPT if I can park my car in the bathtub for fun. LOL

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