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Disable Shopware update notifications

How to disable update notifications in Shopwares administration.


Edited: 2022-10-13 10:43

        enabled: false

Source: /var/www/shopware/config/packages/shopware.yaml

When a new version of Shopware becomes available, a notification is displayed in the Administration to all admin users when logging in, and generally notifications like this is a bad thing. But, it is also annoying and unnecessary, because you will usually be managing the update process via composer anyway.

To disable this, simply edit the shopware.yaml file and disable the auto_update setting.

Remember to cache:clear after doing so. E.g:

sudo -u www-data bin/console cache:clear

Other notifications

As for other notifications, they are not so easily disabled, unfortunately. But, you can limit the probing interval time for the admin notification worker, this is done in the file:



constructor() {
  // ...

  this._notiticationInterval = 15000;

  // ...

The default for this._notiticationInterval is 5000 (5 seconds).

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