1. Obtaining the host name from Shopware storefront and administration related code. E.g. From .twig and vue.js components.
  2. How SEO URLs work in Shopware, and how to customize them.
  3. Exclude redundant messages from your Shopware log files, exclude specific exceptions, and limit exception logging with error log levels using Monolog.
  4. I have been unable to return inactive products using Shopware DAL, so I came up with a simple SQL solution instead.
  5. This error is usually nothing to worry about. It tends to happen when losing internet connectivity.
  6. Undefined array key password doing installation of Shopware using the web installer.
  7. Running messenger:consume workers with a time limit can be useful, but you should also not set it too low.
  8. If shopware is stuck in maintenance mode, make sure to delete the update fulder and disable maintenance mode manually.
  9. How to use the watch scripts to preview changes without having to recompile everything.
  10. How to fix an obscure error from supervisor with the .sock file.