Fun encunters with blackhat SEO spam

Just some funny encounters I have had with blackhat SEO spammers.


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spam, spam, spam, spam. Etc.

I get these weird blackhat SEO spam e-mails asking me to post something on in exchange for money — typically either links or guest posts — but I have always hasitated about accepting such offers.

I do not think qualified authors will offer you payment to post their articles — they would instead be asking you for payment. The idea of working for free is just strange to me. The most probable reason why they do this, is that they are after backlinks — they probably do not care about providing you with quality content for your site, they just want to spam it with links and poor quality content.

I have written about this topic before here.

Just to give you one example of typical SEO spam e-mails that I receive; here is an author that has e-mailed me several times about the same issue, and even after I took the time to reply and reject the offer, he still continues to e-mail me.

I hope this note finds you well.

After learning more about your Website, we found your website incredibly potential with respect to your Digital Audience.

So, I wanted to introduce myself as the Business Growth Executive of

Our purpose of reaching out to you is to market our brand amongst your website traffic.

So, we would like to publish an article related/or a contextual link to :

We can offer in :

  • A piece of highly optimized, unique, and niche related content for your website.
  • Or a deal for a high authoritative backlink in exchange.
  • Or a compensation with some money transfer.
  • Or a brief SEO-Audit of your website. (To help you grow and Rank better)
  • We always welcome your concerns if you may have any.

If this sounds good to you, shoot me a quick reply. Thanks for your time!


Business Development Executive

The e-mail itself smells like the author has very little experience with SEO.

When I did not respond immediately, I got another e-mail requesting an update about 1-2 days after:

Hello sir Any Update. I am waiting for your Reply.

(full qutation of previous e-mail)

This seems a bit unprofessional and impatient to me, so again I did not respond. Then, this is what he sends me next:

I want to Paid Guest Post / blog Post Publish on your Site. So please Let me know and Tell me the Price.

At this point his e-mails had just turned into pure spam. But, I finally wrote back:

I am not interested in inauthentic behavior and blackhat SEO techniques.

You can "want" as much as you like, but this attitude, with repeatedly texting me about the same thing, is not going to change my mind.

I suggest you put in the work required to build and grow a site organically instead of trying to cheat the system at the expense of everyone else.


He responded by sending me the exact same statement another time:

I want to Paid Guest Post / blog Post Publish on your Site. So please Let me know and Tell me the Price.

I get it. He wants to post spam on my website. This encounter was just strange.

Around that exact same time (~2 minute in between), I also got another e-mail wanting to spam my website with links, which caused me to suspect that the e-mails could be related or at least sent by the same automated software.

My point with all this is this: do not accept such blackhat spam offers!

It takes a long time to build your website, and you really do not want to mess it up with spam links or low quality guest posts.

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