Blog spam from Makemoneynow777, bestmoneynow on YouTube?

Warriorplus affiliate links seem to be recklessly spammed to personal websites and blogs.


By. Jacob

Edited: 2024-03-28 10:43

There was a suspicious YouTube channel called makemoneynow777, and later another with the alias bestmoneynow, both channels using the name "MAKE MONEY", and both linking to These channels has been hosting videos that are mass-spammed all over my article comment sections, and presumably also on many other websites. For my site, this is in spite of extended efforts to block it.

I find it highly suspicious that videos being spammed are hosted by this exact same channels; it appears to be at least semi-automated. YouTube has obviously failed to ban the material fast enough to prevent mass spamming.

Here is just one of the messages that has been posted to Beamtic:

After Generating Millions Online, I've Created A Foolproof Money Making System, & For a Limited Time You Get It For FREE...

The videos typically seem to be advertising "get rich quick schemes", and unethical ways of abusing AI to make money. E.g. A so-called "YouTube AI loophole", "bulk messaging", "email marketing spam", and similar things; even if they work, it will will be highly dubious, unethical, and might get you in trouble with YouTube and/or other platforms. Given the dubious content of the videos, it is perhaps not unimaginable that it is in fact the owner of the channel that has been spamming people's blogs in a show of complete disrespect. However, I found the links point to, and I would argue that makes them partly responsible. They simply need to shut down their affiliate program until they can make sure none of their members are abusing it or promoting unethical or illigal tools through it.

Therefore, I am now writing this official article to kindly ask whoever is doing it to stop. It is not nice. It is not welcome here, and I do not want to spend my time deleting your rude junk comments.

Finally, I also reached out to WarriorPlus, and they got back to me with the following:

Hi Jacob,

We appreciate you letting us know. We will take the actions we feel necessary there.


John Siefer
Customer Support Manager,

The Makemoneynow777 channel was suspended or deleted shortly after this. But annoyingly, the WarriorPlus' affiliate program still seem to allow the same type of spammy behaviour, as I would soon receive another spam message pointing the bestmoneynow channel on YouTube:

Game-Changing Next-Gen AI Lets You Replicate Profitable Sites, Then Drive Free Traffic To Them.. In Seconds!

Learn More:

Thank You

Exact same modus operandi as the first scam. Again, the link in the description leads to a WarriorPlus affiliate URL:

Report it to YouTube

Unfortunately, YouTube do not seem to review reported channels properly; Even though the "Make Money" channel is highly dubious looking, they have refused to take it down. I report the videos anyway, but I am not super hopeful they will act on my reports.

Normally I would ignore this type of thing and let the system filter it, but this has repeatedly been adjusted to circumvent my spam filter. I am close to the point where my only option is to ban YouTube videos in the comments completely, and that is not something I want to do. I could just as well ban URLs entirely, since most people posting URLs are spammers, yet I have chosen not to do so. Why should everyone be prevented from posting a relevant and useful link just because spammers show a complete lack of respect of other people's work?

Who posted it?

The person that submitted the last comment used the name Zita Danner, but I suspect this to be a fake name – which in itself is not allowed when commenting – if you do not wish to reveal your real name when commenting on Beamtic, you can simply write "anonymous" in the name field.

I suspect someone is trying to profit by abusing warriorplus affiliate links and spamming them all over the internet. But, Warriorplus is also accountable, because if they operate an affiliate program that allows this type of abuse, then they simply need to change how their affiliate program work. Doubtful given the spammy nature of the products they seem to be selling over there. Perhaps they want their affiliate program to be abusable by spammers? One step in the right direction would be to ban redirects, and invalidate all "redirected" affiliate traffic.

I did a little digging, and found the YouTube channel was linking to the following website:


Typically with various affiliate end-points, such as:


If you visit any of these links, then you will seemingly be redirected to what looks like an an affiliate link at, such links might look like this:

Of course, hiding an affiliate link behind a redirect is a highly deceptive practice that should be banned by all serious affiliate programs.

But, this is interesting because it reveals that the YouTube channel must at least be connected with the website; I remember this website from many years back, when I was only a young guy, and when I had an interest in learning about SEO and online marketing. I think I even had an account on the "warrior forum".

As far as I remember, this site had some really shady people on it that were engaged in various affiliate spam schemes. I eventually lost interest, probably because of the blackhat elements involved, and had forgotten all about them until recently. I would even label at least some of these products as scams, because they constantly over-promise and rely on techniques that are illegal and/or a violation of terms of use, seemingly without properly informing users of the facts. E.g. Bulk messaging and account automation – pretty desperate practices that has no long-term value.

If you go to the Trustpilot page for warriorplus, then they have overwhelmingly negative reviews. Probably for good reason.

In my opinion, the tools they offer are totally worthless and there is no reason, whatsoever, why you should sign up to them. They talk about bulk messaging and gaining leads, but in reality the methods they rely on will probably violate various spam laws, and if you use them, it is very likely to get you banned on social media platforms.

Banning all videos from makemoneynow777

I ended up banning all videos posted by the offending YouTube channel, as well as reporting individual videos to YouTube. Hopefully YouTube will close this loophole and ban this type of affiliate spam entirely – it is encouraging people to become ruthless spammers.

Here is the list of videos I have banned so far, should anyone need it:

YouTube is also responsible

There is no way for people to tell who has posted a given video, based on the URL alone; if there was a way, then I could easily have banned the specific user, but instead I now have to list each and every video they post. It is irritating to say the least – but this is perhaps material for another blog post, because this idiot is not the only one to spam YouTube videos on Beamtic.

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