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KDE bug: Widgets and Icons Move on Resolution Change

KDE widgets and icons do not remember their positions if the resolution changes.


Edited: 2019-12-13 20:06

I am a happy user of the KDE Plasma Desktop, which has become my favorite desktop environment. But, it is currently suffering from a severe problem where icons and widgets (plasmoids) will change position on the desktop every time the screen resolution is changed.

If you are using a external monitor with your laptop, this will pretty much happen every time you either reboot or logout and log back in to your system. It also happens when playing games that changes to a lower resolution.

I almost never turn off my laptop or log out, but it is still a problem for me when updating the system, and when running full screen applications that change the resolution—unplugging an external monitor also triggers it for me.

It seems this bug has existed for years without any real solutions.

A workaround until we got a real fix

I created the kde-containment-guard CLI script which can be used to automatically restore the configuration file, the latest version is available on GitHub.


I could use some help with the literal string replacement, as mentioned in the readme, since this is very hard to do in bash.


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