Linux Tutorials

In these tutorials you can learn how to overcome common challanges in Linux.

  1. Sometimes you might want to change the mirror for Ubuntu updates, find out how in this tutorial.
  2. This is why I decided to encrypt my new Flash Drive, and why I think you should too.
  3. Cron scripts that are located inside the cron scheduling folders needs to adhere to these rules in order to be executed.
  4. How to search a directory and subdirectories for a given string of text in Linux with the grep command.
  5. About the problem with using sudo with graphical programs in Linux.
  6. This simple tutorial shows how to solve the problem with duplicated icons created by custom .desktop files.
  7. My experience with do-release-upgrade is that it rarely breaks anything, so I would say it is generally a safe and reliable way to upgrade Ubuntu.
  8. How to use 7zip to make and extract archives from terminal.
  9. Tutorial showing how to install a desktop like KDE or Cinnamon in Ubuntu.
  10. How to delete a directory and all of its contents in Linux, including subdirectories and files.


The articles found here are not grouped by distribution, and as such, high knowledge of Linux may be required to work around the differences, in case you are using another distribution.

If you are new to Linux, you may want to check out the Ubuntu tutorials instead.