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Shopware stuck in maintenance mode

If shopware is stuck in maintenance mode, make sure to delete the update fulder and disable maintenance mode manually.


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Edited: 2022-10-01 20:03

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If Shopware gets stuck in maintenance mode after attempting to apply an update, then it might be because there is still a folder at /var/www/shopware/files/update/.

Note. The folder can probably be safely deleted, and and maintenance mode disabled afterwards.

Here is how to fix it assuming you are in Shopware's root:

sudo rm -R files/update/
sudo -u www-data bin/console sales-channel:maintenance:disable --all

You can then attempt to update again afterwards.

sudo -u www-data composer update

The web-based updater has failed numerous of times for me, and then I have had to finish the update via CLI instead. I recommend you update via composer to avoid such issues.

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