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Slingshot, an Amazing Invention!

Slingshot is the invention that is capable of creating clean water out of any source water, according to the inventor.


Edited: 2017-05-02 11:47

I recently watched Slingshot, a documentary about an invention of same name, invented by DEKA. The invention is simply amazing, as it allows to create clean water out of any source of water. I have been wondering about ways to clean water myself, since it is often contaminated with substances that are very hard to separate from the water, once it has entered. Apparently it is possible with a water vapor distillation system. When I think about it, it is hard to understand why this type of distillation system is not already in use on distillation plants.

Slingshot is invented by the same guy who invented the Segway, Dean Kamen. I never really got the idea about Segways, which seem more like an expensive toy, than something you would want to use. But, maybe I am wrong about that.

Slingshot is not only amazing because it solves a problem of how to get clean water, it also shows that technology can solve these difficult problems, and if we can clean water with a machine, then surely we will also be able to clean the air with a machine?

I am personally not really that worried about climate change, because I am fairly sure technology will solve our problems, eventually. Slingshot is just one example of how we can solve big problems with small solutions. Farming is likely to require big solutions, like multi-level farming, or farming on platforms in the ocean. But, anyway, that is why I am usually just annoyed by environmental extremists, because, quite often, they have no idea what they are talking about.

I think scientists can be pretty stupid, too, when they underestimate the potential of technology. It is like they get blinded by results and numbers, and forget that not everything is represented in those results. We have potential inventions that are possible even with current knowledge and technology. The potential is really huge, so that is why I am confident climate change should not be a problem. But, we still have to actually apply the inventions, otherwise we could be facing some really big challenges.


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