In these tutorials, you can learn how to use, and solve problems with, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  1. With some network configurations, TLS/SSL might break when relaunching an EC2 instance from an AMI backup.
  2. How to configure a SMTP server with letsencrypt on an amazon EC2 instance.
  3. How to have multiple public IPs with one AWS EC2 Instance
  4. If you suddenly can not connect to your server in the cloud for no apparent reason, it may be because it is running out of physical memory. In this article, I will discuss a few solutions to this problem.
  5. In this article I will explain how to enable a swapfile on small instances, and why it might be useful, even if you do have enough physical memory.
  6. How to connect to Amazon EC2 instances via SSH.
  7. This tutorial shows how you can connect to an AWS server instance using a FTP client.
  8. How to configure your IMAP e-mail client to use AWS workmail, using Thunderbird as an example.

AWS Tutorials

The AWS tutorials are focused on topics mostly specific to AWS services, such as workmail, and how to install or configure EC2 servers. AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, and is a collection of different services available in "The Cloud".

Installing a server in EC2 is very simple, and does not differ much from installing a standard Linux distribution. Once you have a server up and running, it is typically the same commands that you would use on a normal installation.

The official documentation is also a good place to find help, and it also covers some of the same topics.

The Cloud

Services like those offered in AWS are really wonderful, because it brings professional-level capabilities in the hands on even hobbyist web developers. The potential for us to be successful with our project is huge, and we are no longer limited by what shared hosting sites offer. This is also why Beamtic is currently hosted in AWS. Admittedly, we have not really tried anything else yet, and other cloud services are likely also fine. But, we have been very happy with AWS so far.


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  2. Official AWS Documentation -