Linux servers

Tutorials focused on configuring and managing Linux servers.

  1. Understanding file permissions in Unix / Linux based systems, and how to make files immutable.
  2. How to determine an optimal value for pm.max_children and related php-fpm settings for your server and web applications.
  3. Tutorial showing how to configure a VirtualBox Guest VM with HOST-only and NAT adapter, while using the WWW folder from the HOST OS.
  4. You may have wondered what the /etc/php/8.0/conf.d/ directory is for in Debian and Ubuntu, and whether it is better to edit the conf.d files than editing php.ini directly; find out in this Tutorial.
  5. Hot to install the Apache HTTP server in Linux.
  6. How to configure a SMTP server with letsencrypt on an amazon EC2 instance.
  7. Changing the default charset for the Apache HTTP server may be done by changing either the v-host .conf files or the charset.conf file. If you do not have access to these files, you can try .htaccess instead. Find out how in this tutorial.
  8. How to have multiple public IPs with one AWS EC2 Instance
  9. How to easily block and unblock IPs in the UFW firewall.
  10. In this article I will explain how to enable a swapfile on small instances, and why it might be useful, even if you do have enough physical memory.

Servers in Linux

In these tutorials, you can learn how to install and configure servers in Linux.