1. How to configure phpMyAdmin with automatic login.
  2. How to create new users in MySQL and control their permissions for better security.
  3. How to generate sitemaps dynamically using PHP.
  4. How to perform simple SELECT statements in SQL to communicate with SQL databases.
  5. The error happens when importing database backups using the SOURCE command, either because you got the path wrong, or because you used the command incorrectly.
  6. Skipped values are not necessarily an indication of problems, but you should still make sure not to run out of primary keys.
  7. You might encounter the Illegal mix of collations error if your table-columns is using an incorrect collation.
  8. While MySQL error codes are unlikely to change, there might still be reasons not to rely on them within your colde.
  9. In this tutorial you can learn how to insert data in tables that has a foreign key constraint, and as such relies on a key provided from another table.
  10. How to create a MySQL Database with UTF-8 encoding.