Tutorials to help you learn about SEO, and optimize your site without resorting to aggressive linkbuilding.

  1. Drop in traffic doing recent helpful content updates; time will tell if I will recover.
  2. Let us investigate what is up with those mass spammed *-k.html backlinks that many of us are seeing in our link reports.
  3. An in-dept look at the use of headings (h1-h6) and sections in HTML pages.
  4. Pagination can be a confusing thing to get right both practically and programmatically. I have put a lot of thought into this subject, and here I am giving you a few of the ideas I have been working with.
  5. The Video outside the viewport is properly not worth spending time on solving; it is probably intended to solve a specific issue, and every single little video probably does not need to get indexed anyway.
  6. Why using multiple h1s is still not going to harm your SEO.
  7. Should you redirect or drop discontinued products on your webshop? There are more than just SEO to consider, and redirects is rarely the right answer. Find out why in this article.
  8. The changefreq element is optional and irrelevant when you include timestamps in your sitemaps.
  9. Website traffic may fluctuate depending on the time of year, but doing weekends fluctuations are, perhaps, the most noticeable.

About SEO

These tutorials do not necessarily represent everything there is to know, so check with other sources as well.


  1. Be careful about accepting SEO offers via telephone or e-mail. (Because of: Scams and clueless clowns.)
  2. Always consult official sources. (I.e. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so on.)

A good web- developer / designer should be able to handle SEO from the beginning, so you should not have to hire third party SEO consultants.


  1. Google Webmaster Help - (Official YouTube Channel)
  2. Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide - (PDF by Google)