Shopware - page 2

Learn how to build custom Shopware implementations using PHP, Symfony, composer, and a spark of creative genius.

  1. This error can apparently happen as a result of numerous situations causing perpetual calls to functions or methods. In this article, I try to list some of them.
  2. Here is the reason why the Shopware build script may not progress beyond: Dumped plugin configuration.
  3. Shopware has a convoluted media storage implementation, and Media URLs can break when you move server or create a new test environment for an existing Shopware installation, but luckily it is usually easily fixed.
  4. This error is usually nothing to worry about. It tends to happen when losing internet connectivity or being automatically logged out.
  5. Typical causes and solutions for the No alive nodes found in your cluster error with Elasticsearch.
  6. Fetching images from the storefront .twig files can be done using the searchMedia function, or alternatively, by using an element resolver for your cms element.
  7. How to remove canonical from paginated content to follow technical best-practices. Page 1 is not equal to page 2, and it therefore should not be defined as the canonical URL.
  8. This error may happen if you have deleted the headless sales channel, but it seems it is easily fixed by replacing the ID in Defaults.php
  9. Obtaining the host name from Shopware storefront and administration related code. E.g. From .twig and vue.js components.
  10. How SEO URLs work in Shopware, and how to customize them.