How to design decent, friendly, URLs. Both for search engines and humans.

  1. Why I finally decided to allow dots in URLs on- and in Beamtic's projects.
  2. How to freely, and easily enable HTTPS for your website.
  3. Should we use www in front of our domains, or is non-www better? This article can hopefully help you decide.
  4. Redirecting to non-WWW from WWW is done easily using either Apache configuration files or htaccess, which to use depends on your circumstances.
  5. A simple guide to using the Canonical URL tag, and tips on avoiding duplicated content in the SERPs.
  6. How to write paths, aka URLs, in HTML and CSS. This article deals with both absolute and relative paths.
  7. To perform a client-sided redirect with JavaScript we can use the window.location object. Learn more in this tutorial.
  8. How to create a Meta Tag Redirect, using the meta refresh tag.
  9. How to redirect pages with htaccess. This tutorial shows how to do redirects in htaccess.