Web development

Here you will be able to learn about important web development topics, and how to develop your own web application from scratch.

  1. How to optimize image-loading and automatically include width and height attributes on img elements with PHP.
  2. HTTP headers are not case-sensitive, so we are free to convert them to all-lowercase in our applications.
  3. In-app browsers do some things a little differently than normal browsers, and that might result in 500 errors on your server, among other interesting things.
  4. Short explanation of the HTTP range header.
  5. Learn why 403 is the most suitable status code for failed log in attempts.
  6. How to block unused URL parameters (non-existent) in PHP web applications.
  7. Tutorial on Absolute and Relative Paths in Windows, UNIX and the Web.
  8. Natively lazy-load images in modern browsers.
  9. How to use the different units of measurement in HTML and CSS.
  10. When trailing slashes matters, and when they Dont. This article is about trailing slashes in URLs.

Tutorials on Web Development

In the web development tutorials, you can learn how to make your own website, and other types of web applications.

These tutorials may be a bit technical, so some preexisting knowledge is likely to be required.