Web development

Here you will be able to learn about important web development topics, and how to develop your own web application from scratch.

  1. How to freely, and easily enable HTTPS for your website.
  2. One of the best way to prevent duplicate content, is to simply throw an error when a non-existent GET parameter was requested.
  3. An in-dept look at the use of headings (h1-h6) and sections in HTML pages.
  4. How to write paths, aka URLs, in HTML and CSS. This article deals with both absolute and relative paths.
  5. Recommendations on handling of white space in web design.
  6. How to create your own custom error pages using htaccess or PHP.
  7. When trailing slashes matters, and when they Dont. This article is about trailing slashes in URLs.
  8. Preventing access to index.php to avoid duplicate content.
  9. Media queries can be used to control the behavior of a page layout in a variety of window sizes and resolutions.
  10. How to use the different units of measurement in HTML and CSS.
  11. About the styling problems of nested HTML sections.