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Strange usability issues on MacBook Pro

Missing delete key, no editable path field in finder, and no cut option when moving files around; this is just a few of the usability problems I have run into on Mac so far.


By. Jacob

Edited: 2022-04-18 18:55

I got a new MacBook Pro in connection with my work, and I am just shocked to find how bad the UX is. I have often heard Apple being praised for their simplicity, but I find that Mac is very far from being simple to use. The UI is unintuitive and many basic features, that an advanced Desktop user has come to expect, just seem to be missing or impractical to use when compared to either Windows or Linux based desktops.

The horrendously bad UX on MacBook Pro is partly due to the missing Delete key, a lack of an editable address field in finder, and no cut option in Finder. There does not seem to be a way to delete files without right-clicking and choosing "Move to bin", and there is also no "cut" option in Finder when wanting to move files from your Downloads folder to their final destination.

Issues like these are just mindbogglingly stupid. As a Linux and Windows user of many years this is just absolute basic functionality that I use in my everyday activities on desktop. I really hope I find a solution to these issues, but for now it just does not look so good.


1. There is a significant delay when tabbing with two fingers to right click; the solution is to disable Smart Zoom.

2. When typing exit and hitting enter in a terminal window, the window does not close, and instead lingers around with the message:

Saving session…completed.
Deleting expired sessions…none found.

[Process completed]

This annoying behaviour can be disabled in the terminal preferences by selecting the close if the shell exited cleanly option, found in the shell tab.

3. It looks like application windows are shown in the dock separately when they are minimised by default; this annoying catastrophe can be disabled by checking off the Minimize icons into application icons option in the dock settings.

4. The dock seem to autohide by default, which makes it difficult to switch between running apps by only using the mouse; this can be disabled in the dock settings by checking the Automatically hide and show the dock option, and you can go ahead and move it to the left side of the screen at the same time to improve the UX even further.

Note. You can remove app icons by dragging them away from the dock. I personally think it is better to keep the dock clean and clutter-free by simply searching for the apps I want to open. Unfortunately, I can not seem to remove the Finder app, which is unwanted and stuck in the Dock by default. Sigh.

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