Using Adsense On A Photography Site

Recently I have been helping a friend with his photography site, and it was then this question entered my mind. And why not? Read more in the article!


By. Jacob

Edited: 2017-08-02 17:32

Using Adsense on a photography site is not necessarily a bad thing. I have yet to actually try it myself yet, but if I did, I would simply never post a photo without a decent amount of text to accompany it. The reason is that I want to draw in visitors to my website, and simply posting photos alone is not going to make that happen. It is just not very likely, anyway.

I think I have developed a pretty good intuition when it comes to what type of content Google likes, so this is mostly based on that. Call it an educated guess if you like. However, there is another reason you may want to have some text next to your images. We are normally not allowed to place ads on pages without any content on them, and pages only containing photos might trigger automatic systems in Adsense to prevent spammy low-quality pages. This is understandable considering how much of such content is out there. It will also be hard for Adsense to target the ads based on your content, since this process likely mostly happens based on the textural content.

I think one of our main challenges is not to fall for the temptation to release "quick" and "easy" content in the hope of earning money through Ads. It will simply not work long-term.

Re-think your website purpose

If you work with photography, then this is a perfect time for you to re-think the purpose of your website. Do not just list your prices and past work on the site. I would think big about my website. Today, you want your photos to reach the entire world, and hopefully earn money on your site as well as your work. Adsense could be a way to do that.

However, the window is likely closing. What I mean by this is, other photographers might soon start to get creative with their websites too, making it difficult for your work to rank well. I am not going to give away specific ideas, but hopefully this has inspired you to put more effort into your website, and the content you release.

I am not saying you will be banned from Adsense by not having any text, but the quality of your site will undoubtedly suffer, regardless of how good your work is.


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