Learn how to make money on a website with Google Adsense, and how to overcome or avoid problems.

  1. Why we should support and defend the ad-supported business model.
  2. In January, I had a huge drop in earnings. A bit lower earnings may be normal, but surely not 70%?
  3. I recently found out I was repeating code provided by Google. FYI you should only place one adsbygoogle.js file per HTML page.
  4. Recently YouTube changed their Partnership requirements, so now we need 4000 hours watched in 12 months, and 1000 subscribers. This is clearly a breach of trust, and a serious failure by YouTube.
  5. Recently I have been helping a friend with his photography site, and it was then this question entered my mind. And why not? Read more in the article!
  6. How to block certain ads in Adsense.
  7. A long lasting problem with Adsense units is the lack of resizing and flexibility of ad units.
  8. Google finally released their EU user consent policy, which every publisher has to comply with.