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Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page Using Facebook Advertising

How to get thousands of cheap likes using Facebook advertising.


Edited: 2017-11-18 16:36

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Something many page owners would like to know, is how to grow their pages. We often see pages with thousands of likes, and they do not seem anymore interesting then our own. Typically, they will also have good engagement on posts, with comments and likes. So, what is going on?

Most likely the page owner is boosting posts to get engagement. Boosting can be very expensive, depending on a number of factors. Generally, if the competition is low, then the price for advertising will also be low. Page owners can both take advantage of this to grow their pages, and to increase engagement. But you will have to experiment with target settings, to find what works the best.

As of the writing of this, targeting countries like India has a huge potential, because currently the number of people connected to the internet is growing in India. Right now, if you create a campaign, advertising in India is very cheap, and you can literally gain thousands of likes on your Facebook page.

Another thing to consider, by targeting a country where Internet is still fairly new, the Facebook users who see your add likely will not have developed much ad-blindness yet, and this in itself may result in higher engagement.

Quality of Likes

This is something still talked about. But generally, the engagement from the likes you get will not be that high. However, I am not just interested in engagement as a page owner. I am also interested in improving my potential reach.

But if we look at the people engaging, many accounts appear to be outright fake. This is not nessecerily because it is the case. I have many real friends on Facebook, who's accounts look fake. The account owner could simply be, not very mature, or skilled with Facebook. Another explanation for some weird looking accounts, could be that people only access Facebook via their phones, and therefor the quality of most their pictures is shit, or they use pictures not of themselves.

In short. We should not be quick to jump to conclusions about the accounts liking our pages. Most likely, a good chunk of those fake looking accounts, is actually real. With time, people may start improving their accounts, add more pictures and other content.

Social media is a numbers game

Even if many accounts are fake, there is still some value in the likes. In theory, every like increases your chance of organic growth and engagement. Not only that, it also makes your page look more popular to users.

If you look at other big pages, then it is typically easy to tell, if they have been using Facebook advertising to grow. They will often have very low engagement on their posts, some posts getting no likes, or only very few likes. Compare the number of post likes to the number of page likes, and you can get a good idea about how the page gained those likes. Again, do not be quick to jump to the conclusion that those likes are useless because they are not engaging. This is simply false. The page could be in it's early stages of a growth oriented advertising campaign, and the engagement may very well kick in later.