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WOW You Have Been Restricted From Accessing Some Facebook Features

This is basically just Facebooks way of telling you to slow down a bit. You have likely been adding people too fast.


Edited: 2018-03-30 03:42

You have been restricted from accessing some Facebook features.

You have been restricted from accessing some Facebook features.

You might be getting this notification if you have been doing something too fast on Facebook.

If you are into Facebook marketing, then you will most likely have been restricted from using certain features on Facebook, such as adding people as friends, or adding your friends to groups. Sometimes it can be hard to tell what the exact reason for the block was, especially if you have not really been doing anything unusual.

However, the reason it happens is simple. Facebook is trying to prevent spam. Those of us who have been experimenting with Facebook marketing and SoMe, will likely have "abused" certain features at some point. Some with great success - others with nearly no result at all. Some knowingly, some simply by accident. It is important to mention that there is no public limits acknowledged by Facebook. If you get restricted, simply try to be less aggressive the next time.

Restrictions are usually temporary, and Facebook might even tell you when a restriction is set to expire.

In the past, I used experiment with Facebook. Mostly with very little success. In fact, it seems people who actually care about the groups in which they are added, will also be people you know from real life. Adding people who has no relationship or reason to like a company or group will simply not work. They will leave sooner or later, and you should be happy they are leaving! Personally I would rather have a small active group, than a large inactive one.

Adding random people as friends

If you add people you do not know from real life, then they might mark your friend request as spam, and then you risk getting temporarily restricted. Personally, I do not really care unless it is a blatant spam profile with inappropriate pictures. Deleting a friend request will instead allow someone to follow you, which is usually better than having them as friends.

On Facebook, I prefer to keep only my real life friends. My main reason for this is the amount of fake news I was seeing in my news feed. The majority of it was shared by a small group of my friends at the time, and it was quite upsetting at times. So, I decided not to add random people, unless I actually have reason to add them.

It is tempting to just click away on the add button when Facebook suggest people with friends in common, and there is also a very high chance they will accept, in my experience. However, you might regret it later when they start flooding your news feed with fake news, claiming the earth is flat, or some other nonsense. I have seriously had people who claimed the earth was flat!

But I am just going to invite them to pages and groups! Bad idea... These people are not going to be interested in your pages or groups. Some will be extremely angry when adding them places they have no interest in going, and you will also get temporarily restricted from time to time. Facebook also keeps a record of all the people you ever requested friendship with, so they know if you are a spammer.

Adding people to groups and pages

Facebook has a really nice feature, which is hated by most users. The ability for group admins to add people to their groups. Some will simply add everyone on their friends list, regardless if they are interested or not. I tried this a few times myself, and it usually does not work. You have to do it on a much larger scale, and at that point you will likely be stopped by Facebook deleting your group. I never actually tried this, but you can read about it on certain SEO forums.

Some people will leave very quickly, others not right away, and a few might not even notice that they are a member of the group. I am not directly against the feature, but Facebook might want to consider changing it into a invite-function instead. Some people get quite angry when they find out they have been added to a group.

Besides, I think having a active small community is better than a big group with many inactive users.


Justyn Kalahan

I have been postblocked or something. Can't like posts, comment or get likes on my posts. I have 2 different phones I use for facebook then I used the 2 authenticator and that's when it blocked me. Plz helpp... I can't post