Microsoft automatically installed Lenovo's bloatware in Windows 11

If you run Windows 11, then you better be careful about blindly accepting updates, because unwanted Malware might be installed through the official Windows update feature..


By. Jacob

Edited: 2023-06-29 18:58

Microsoft automatically installed Lenovo's Bloatware via Windows update, and yes, it comes with a horrendous custom designed UI that looks like a zombie monster from the Windows 9x days. It's semi-transparent abhorrence even comes with the top left corner rounded. What dumb idiot came up with this?? If only it was the design that annoyed me, but it's not — it infects your computer with Lenovo's malware that molests your PC.

Malware that I specifically do not want on any of my systems.

I am amazed that Microsoft allow this to happen on their watch; PC manufactures such as Lenovo are notorious for installing all sorts of junk that people do not really need, and Lenovo PC's in particular has a tendency to down right get infected by Lenovo branded Malware; take the gigantic caps lock notification that pops up in the middle of the screen on Lenovo computers for example.

This is not just Malware — it is a kind of abuse that Lenovo is subjecting their users to, and they are conspiring with Microsoft to distribute it! What a complete outrage.

Oh well, I guess I will just be forced to block Windows Update in my firewall again.

The installed software appears to be Lenovo's own update manager, and no idea if this is the actual name of the software, but the Window title just says "System Update", which I find rather misleading. The actual software only allows you to search for updates, and will not allow you to uninstall other Lenovo malware. E.g. Their useless Caps Lock user-molesting notification.

Lenovo help center

The Lenovo System Update program wants to install Lenovo help center. It is completely useless bloat that you should not have to install. No idea what it does, so I do not need it. Probably some sort of shitty support service.

In the Installed Apps section I can see that it was installed a couple of days before Lenovo System Update. Of course I did not specifically ask for it to be installed — I just accepted the updates available for Windows 11 hoping that Microsoft might finally fix the broken taskbar and make it possible to make it vertical again (another issue entirely).

Lenovo Service Bridge

Not sure how this was installed or what it does, but I did not do so myself. You can go ahead and uninstall it via Add Remove Programs (Aka. The Installed Apps section in settings)!

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  1. I am having an issue with a huge Caps Lock popup notification appearing in the center of my screen, and it does not seem like there is an easy way to turn it off.

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