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AutoIt GUISetState Function

How to use the AutoIt GUISetState function.


Edited: 2017-02-10 21:45

The AutoIt GUISetState function is used to display freshly created GUI windows, and to change the state of existing GUI windows.


flag [optional]
  1. @SW_SHOW = Displays a previously hidden window (default)
  2. @SW_HIDE = Hide window
  3. @SW_MINIMIZE = Minimize window
  4. @SW_MAXIMIZE = Maximize window
  5. @SW_RESTORE = Undoes a window minimization
  6. @SW_DISABLE = Disables the window
  7. @SW_ENABLE = Enables the window
  8. @SW_LOCK = Lock the window to avoid repainting.
  9. @SW_UNLOCK = Unlock windows to allow painting.
winhandle [optional]The window handle as returned by WinGetHandle or GUICreate. Note. the window handle is not the same as a window title.


  1. GUISetState -