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PHP Photo Gallery

Easily organize image files with Beamtic's PHP Gallery


Edited: 2017-12-31 15:29

Beamtic logo in black and white

Beamtic is working on a PHP Photo Gallery which is mainly using build-in capabilities in PHP, as well as GD library. The gallery makes it possible to easily organize image files into categories, and it comes with a simple administration section to manage categories and upload new images.

The Photo Gallery is actively maintained, and several features are already planned for future updates. You can find links for the website and GitHub page at the bottom of this article.


Current features are listed below. Please note that more are planned in future updates.

  1. Password protected admin section.
  2. Upload feature.
  3. Automatic Thumbnail generation
  4. Use of plain HTML / CSS template files for easy modification
  5. Automatic category previews (uses an image from the thumbnails directory)
  6. All main HTML is generated on the server side – so no abusive use of AJAX or complicated JavaScript.

Note. The template files are actually .php includes, but they are very easy to modify.

The default layout is fairly modern, and good looking, making use of CSS display:flex; on a ul list to create a highly accessible structure.

Why Beamtic PHP Gallery?

Existing seemed to do things in strange ways, and they had poor layouts. For instance, one solution was using JavaScript to generate the HTML in the gallery, and many other scripts came without a upload function. It also seemed that the best galleries were not free.

We wanted a gallery which would be easy to modify simply by changing the HTML and CSS template files, and we also wanted it to work with friendly URLs. So, if you feel like it, you can easily perform .htaccess redirects to make friendly URLs.


  1. PHP Photo Gallery - Official Website
  2. PHP Photo Gallery - GitHub