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Facebook: Something isn't working...

Something is not working. This may be because of a technical error we are working to fix.


By. Jacob

Edited: 2022-01-12 23:16

Something isn't working. This may be because of a technical error we're working to fix.

This error seems to affect both Linux and Windows systems while browsing Facebook from Google Chrome.

The problem seems to happen when trying to correct a spelling error using the built-in spell-tool in Google Chrome, and immediately pressing CTRL + Z to revert the correction. Sometimes the problem might also happen when copy/pasting or hitting backspace.

Sometimes when selecting a correction from the spelling menu on a new Facebook post, the word that is being corrected completely disappears, and a user might attempt to press CTRL + Z; but, instead of reverting the correction, the new post dialog appears to crash with an error, and everything the user has written is lost.

Here is a video showing what's needed to repeat the problem:

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