Learn how to overcome many challanges when using Linux, in this case mainly Ubuntu.

  1. Sometimes you might want to change the mirror for Ubuntu updates, find out how in this tutorial.
  2. About the problem with using sudo with graphical programs in Linux.
  3. Learn how to remove a repository that fails doing apt update, using the terminal in Ubuntu.
  4. This simple tutorial shows how to solve the problem with duplicated icons created by custom .desktop files.
  5. My experience with do-release-upgrade is that it rarely breaks anything, so I would say it is generally a safe and reliable way to upgrade Ubuntu.
  6. Updating to Ubuntu 19.10 seems to have caused pointer jumping and freezing.
  7. Tutorial showing how to install a desktop like KDE or Cinnamon in Ubuntu.
  8. How to install snaps in Ubuntu without creating a Ubuntu One account.
  9. About the future of the Linux desktop, and Ubuntu's shift back to GNOME.
  10. How to launch GUI applications using .desktop files and bash in Ubuntu.

About Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution for desktop users, and ideal for people who are new to Linux, or people who just enjoy the convenience or features available in Ubuntu. It is also a popular for servers.

Note. The articles for Ubuntu may also apply for other Linux distributions, but smaller differences are to be expected.