1. How to determine an optimal value for pm.max_children and related php-fpm settings for your server and web applications.
  2. PSR-1 does not permit underscores for method names, but it probably should. Also, class names most use StudlyCaps.
  3. This tutorial explains how to use the print_r and var_dump functions, and the difference between echo and print.
  4. Flushing and output buffering goes hand in hand, and in this article I try to examine the benefits and disadvantages to flushing.
  5. Non-LTS releases will not be supported by the Ondřej PPA from 22.04 onward, but here is why you probably do not need it anyway.
  6. Warnings are errors that occur when something is probably not expected or desired, and generally developers try account for them in their code to avoid serious issues.
  7. Setting custom HTTP Headers with cURL is useful when changing User Agent or Cookies. Headers can be changed two ways, both using the curl_setopt function.
  8. How to send HTTP requests using the build-in file functions of PHP.
  9. Tutorial on how to use proxy servers with cURL and PHP
  10. How to perform HTTP requests trough proxy servers in PHP.