WordPress Tutorials

Tutorials for anything WordPress related.

  1. How to properly remove the title from a Wordpress post, and how to do it for specific post types.
  2. There is no function to select a post by slug name (post name), but we can create our own function to do it; find out how in this tutorial.
  3. How to properly customize Wordpress based website, where to add your own code, and how to override existing functionality.
  4. How to manually move a Wordpress website to another domain name, and copy the database and the files from the old site.
  5. Should you use Wordfence or Malcare? And are they even sufficient security tools? Securing a Wordpress site with third party plugins and themes is probably harder than you think.
  6. There can be several different reasons why jQuery might be undefined; maybe it is not yet loaded, or maybe a script is unloading it. In this tutorial I will explain some of the problems and solutions that I have come by when developing Wordpress websites.
  7. How to correctly determine file system paths when developing for Wordpress and avoiding inconsistencies.
  8. How to secure your Wordpress website by disabling write access to certain files and directories.
  9. Using HTML forms with the Divi Wordpress theme is not easy, luckily we can just include our own custom HTML, and it will even show in the editor!
  10. How to override shortcodes from a child theme that are defined in a parent theme in Wordpress.


Wordpress is a popular CMS for publishing and managing content, as well as developing advanced web applications.

This category is dedicated to Wordpress development, including the development of headless applications, themes, and plugins for Wordpress.

A good place to go if you want to go deeper than than code snippets and functions.php.