Tutorials in Paint.NET. Learn how to use Paint.NET when creating or changing images and graphics.

  1. Short tutorial showing how to rotate text, selections and layers in Paint.NET.
  2. How to add support for Gimp's .XCF, .XCFGZ, and .XCFBZ2 files in Paint.NET.
  3. How to create curved text using a plugin.
  4. How to enhance the colors in photographs in Paint.NET using curves and levels.
  5. Hot to make beautiful reflections in Paint.NET.
  6. Installing plugins in Paint.NET can usually be done by moving the dll files to the Effects folder.

Paint.NET Tutorials

These Paint.NET tutorials will teach you how to use the interface in the editor. You may also learn how to do more specific tasks, such as how to create simple graphics to be used on a website.

Paint.NET is a free image and photo editor for Windows. You can use it as a replacement or supplement for commercial tools.

Internet and Social Media confusion

People often confuse the name of the program with an internet web address. But the real address is!

We also can not mention the real name on social media, since the sites will automatically turn it into a clickable link (The program that must not be mentioned). Instead, we can use the following when talking about Paint.NET:

  1. PaintDotNET
  2. Paint(.)NET
  3. PaintNET

This avoids linking to the website, (which has nothing to do with the program).


  1. Paint.NET