This category is dedicated to Windows in general, and includes information about many different Windows versions.

  1. Microsoft ruined the taskbar in Windows 11, preventing us from moving it, so this is how you get back a vertical taskbar, if that is what you want.
  2. When opening a program via the taskbar by Right Clicking on it and choosing New Window, the opened program will not gain focus automatically.
  3. What you need to know about making Windows boot media from Linux. It does not work.
  4. This is why I decided to encrypt my new Flash Drive, and why I think you should too.
  5. To take a screenshot, either hit the Print Screen button on your keyboard, or use the build-in Snipping Tool found in Windows 10.
  6. The Snipping Tool in Windows is being replaced by Snip & Sketch.
  7. Scrolling with a touchpad seem to be effectively broken in Windows 10 on new laptops. The behavior is largely inconsistent and frustrating to users..


Windows is an operating system :-)

You can find more information on the official Windows blog and Microsoft's own website.


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