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AutoIt MouseGetPos Function

The MouseGetPos function returns the X Y position of the mouse pointer.


Edited: 2019-09-11 16:26

The AutoIt MouseGetPos function returns the current position of the mouse pointer. The returned value can either be the X and Y position, X alone or Y alone.

The MouseCoordMode Option controls whether the absolute or relative position is returned. Default is Absolute.


This Function takes 1 optional parameter, which controls the value that should be returned.

NoneIf no parameter was provided, a 2 element array will be returned containing the x and y positions.
0Returns the (x) left position of the pointer.
1Returns the (y) top position of the pointer.

AutoIt MouseGetPos Example

$pos = MouseGetPos()
MsgBox(0, "Mouse (x) left, (y) top:", $pos[0] & "," & $pos[1])