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AutoIt MouseUp Function

The MouseUp function is used to release a mouse button after clicking it using MouseDown.


Edited: 2019-09-11 16:25

The AutoIt MouseUp Function is used to perform a MouseUp event at the current pointer position.

The MouseUp function should be used to release a button that has already been pressed, usually by using the MouseDown function.

When performing normal mouse clicks, it is usually better to use MouseClick, since it will automatically handle mouse up and mouse down actions.

Using MouseDown and MouseUp may give you finer control over how long you want the button to be pressed. This can be done by setting a sleep time after pressing down, and before releasing the mouse button. The sleep time should be provided in milliseconds. See the example below:

Sleep(1000) ; time to hold the button in milliseconds


This function only takes 1 parameter, being the button to release.

left || right || middle || main || menu || primary || secondaryThe button to be released.