Current Unix Time - Tool

The current unix timestamp and the human readable equlivant.


Edited: 2021-03-07 17:49

The current unix timestamp is:

In human-readable form Y-m-d H:i:s:

Today's unix timestamp is provided above, as well as the human readable, date-version of the same timestamp.

Time table

The following table shows how many seconds there is over different time spans. Note that values are only approximates. The actual number of seconds in given periods may very due to leap seconds; in addition, the number of days in a single month also varies. If you need precision, then you should not rely on UNIX timestamps.

1 day 86400
1 weak 604800
1 month 2629746
1 year 31556952

How the timestamp tool works

This tool works by contacting a server-side PHP script by sending an AJAX GET request using the http client; the server then creates the timestamp using PHP and sends it back to your browser.

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  1. Tool to generate a md5 hash from a string.

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