PHP Tutorials - page 3

A collection of tutorials for learning PHP.

  1. Validating user-input is one of the most important ways to increase security and prevent hacks; in this article, I will show how to easily validate GET and POST parameters, and prevent your app from being abused to send spam.
  2. This tutorial explains how to create a PHP script to show a random image in a browser.
  3. How to optimize image-loading and automatically include width and height attributes on img elements with PHP.
  4. How to effectively use variables within strings to insert bits of data where needed.
  5. How to count the number of characters in a multi-byte string using PHP.
  6. Backslashes in replacement string seem to disappear when the replacement is done using preg_replace
  7. PHP does not have named parameters build-in, but in this tutorial you can learn how to simulate the functionality with a bit of extra code.
  8. How to properly validate input from PHP using preg_match, and avoid undefined notices.
  9. How to get a list of included files and know if a certain file was included by PHP.
  10. Lean to find the common multiples between two numbers in PHP; the tutorial starts by teaching you about multiples, then moves on to common multiples.