PHP Tutorials - page 3

A collection of tutorials for learning PHP.

  1. How to count the number of characters in a multi-byte string using PHP.
  2. Backslashes in replacement string seem to disappear when the replacement is done using preg_replace
  3. How to create a custom error handler for PHP that handles non-fetal errors.
  4. PHP does not have named parameters build-in, but in this tutorial you can learn how to simulate the functionality with a bit of extra code.
  5. How to properly validate input from PHP using preg_match, and avoid undefined notices.
  6. How to get a list of included files and know if a certain file was included by PHP.
  7. Lean to find the common multiples between two numbers in PHP; the tutorial starts by teaching you about multiples, then moves on to common multiples.
  8. This tutorial shows how to check if a number is a decimal number using the PHP floor function.
  9. We can access other classes properties (variables) and methods (functions) by injecting the class object in the class that needs it.
  10. Should you use file_get_contnts or cURL when performing HTTP requests from PHP? It does not matter; but regardless of which you use, you should still handle errors properly!