PHP Tutorials - page 4

A collection of tutorials for learning PHP.

  1. This tutorial shows how to check if a number is a decimal number using the PHP floor function.
  2. We can access other classes properties (variables) and methods (functions) by injecting the class object in the class that needs it.
  3. Should you use file_get_contnts or cURL when performing HTTP requests from PHP? It does not matter; but regardless of which you use, you should still handle errors properly!
  4. Learn what PHP objects are, and how to use them in your own PHP coding adventures.
  5. Why the caret character is not working in exponential growth calculations in PHP, and what to use instead.
  6. Vanilla PHP is basically plain PHP, without the use of extra frameworks and libraries to help you in the development process.
  7. This article explains why- and how to avoid the use of PHP superglobals such as $_POST and $_GET inside your PHP classes.
  8. How to install and use composer locally, without the need to write sudo all the time.
  9. Beginners Tutorial in Object-oriented programming in PHP.
  10. How to install the GD library and use it to write text to an image.