PHP Tutorials - page 2

A collection of tutorials for learning PHP.

  1. Tutorial on how to traverse a Multidimensional array using php7.1 syntax
  2. How to reorder array elements in PHP, moving elements up or down one step at a time.
  3. This tutorial shows how to make- and work with different types of arrays in PHP using different syntaxes.
  4. How to use cURL to send HTTP GET and POST requests from PHP applications.
  5. Setting custom HTTP Headers with cURL is useful when changing User Agent or Cookies. Headers can be changed two ways, both using the curl_setopt function.
  6. How to make PHP sleep for milliseconds rather than seconds.
  7. Validating user-input is one of the most important ways to increase security and prevent hacks; in this article, I will show how to easily validate GET and POST parameters, and prevent your app from being abused to send spam.
  8. This tutorial explains how to create a PHP script to show a random image in a browser.
  9. How to optimize image-loading and automatically include width and height attributes on img elements with PHP.
  10. Tutorial on how to use proxy servers with cURL and PHP