PHP Tutorials - page 5

A collection of tutorials for learning PHP.

  1. How to turn a relative URL into an absolute URL while also handling dot segments in the URL.
  2. This shows how to do a grep-like action using regular expressions from a PHP script.
  3. A tutorial that shows how to handle HTML form submissions from PHP scripts.
  4. How to stream audio and video from PHP files.
  5. In this Tutorial, it is shown how to redirect all HTTP requests to a index.php file using htaccess or Apache configuration files.
  6. In this tutorial I show how to create a simple_delete() function in PHP to automatically delete whatever you ask it, and also handle errors.
  7. How to do disk operations, such as creating and deleting files, in PHP.
  8. I needed a script to quickly rename all files in a directory, so I came up with this elegant PHP solution.
  9. Tutorial on how to use the while and for loops of PHP.
  10. How to track keywords and keyphrases with PHP's preg_match_all.